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Watch the training below to see how I


so that I completely REPEL narcissists,

and how you can do it too.


Are You Ready To:

Break the Trauma Bond For Good

➣ Take Your Power Back

Regulate Your Nervous System

Release Trauma with Evidence-Backed Modalities

➣ Build Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy and Self-Confidence

➣ Claim Self-Leadership and Personal Mastery

You Have Two Options:

Option 1:


Weekly Live Coaching for $125/month

Option 2:

FLOURISH (Course Only) Program

a one-time investment of $77

Here's a Deep Dive Into The Flourish Four-Step Formula:

Step 1: Stabilize

In order to stabilize, you must completely understand narcissistic abuse,

what happened to you and get clear on WHY they do what they do. You will learn:

➢The Signs of Narcissistic Abuse so you can protect yourself from the red flags.

➢Their Hidden Motives so you know what goes on in their dark minds.

➢The truth about their Fragile Ego, their rigid thought patterns and their behavior patterns (yes they do know what they are doing is wrong).

Tactics they use to control, punish and weaken others.

➢The Cycle of Violence in emotionally abusive relationships.

➢The Idealize, Devalue, Discard Cycle – why it happens and the function it serves.

Narcissistic Supply and how to starve them of it.

Gaslighting examples and how to spot them and address them head-on.

➢Understanding why they are Jekyll/Hyde and how this keeps you glued to them.

➢How to Break The Trauma Bond - and how it alters the brain so you get tethered to the narcissist.

Cognitive Dissonance and how it maintains the trauma bond and keeps you stuck.

➢The Nervous System’s Response to the cruelty/kindness cycle and how it becomes conditioned for this fear-peace response.

Step 2: Repair

➢The role of Childhood Trauma, Attachment Issues and Core Beliefs that contribute to the problem.

➢The roots of People Pleasing and how to stop.

➢How to set Boundaries to honor your integrity and emotional safety.

Communication to elicit positive, healthy and loving relationships.

Step 3: Rebuild

➢Deep dive into Faulty Thoughts and Beliefs that keep you stuck - to strengthen positive neural connections in the brain.

Re-Program The Mind with powerful, science-backed techniques that change both how you think and behave but also how you are affected by external factors (toxic people).

➢Learn Self-Compassion - the one key ingredient that distinguishes people who recover from trauma from those who don’t.

Step 4: Flourish

➢Increase your Self-Awareness which leads to greater self-agency and behavioral flexibility, which increases our ability to achieve our goals

➢Improve your Self-Confidence and courage to know yourself, believe in yourself, and act on your beliefs so you trust yourself again.

➢Develop Self-Efficacy - confidence in your ability to exert control over your motivation levels, your behavior, and your social environment.

➢Establish Self-Leadership – the “inner game” includes strategies to: Release Distress, Discover Your Personal Power, & Find Resilience Following A Relationship Trauma

➢Build Personal Mastery to have the strategies and tools to help you live your life at your most optimal level.

Testimonials From Happy Clients:

Hey there! I'm Joanne Brothwell

I'm a Licensed Therapist and Certified Coach with over 25 Years of experience providing therapy and personal empowerment coaching to countless people.

You’re here for more than being stuck in a joyless, high-conflict life full of callous, cruel and insensitive people.

It's time to step into your personal power and CLAIM your rightful self-esteem, self-confidence and personal mastery. I'm with you.

Things haven't always been easy for me...

In 2016 my whole world collapsed and all of my old traumas were triggered. I entered into a deep, dark melancholy.

I was broken, riddled with shame and felt worthless and hopeless.

Since day one I've been exposed to toxic people. People who purposely said hurtful things and reveled in it. People who intentionally made me feel small, stupid and ineffectual.

This environment was like poison for a gentle, undefended, empathetic and deeply sensitive soul like me. I was crushed by this emotional climate.

It seemed that everywhere I turned, people kept knocking me down. Cruelty, insensitivity and seemingly purposeful efforts to make me feel small, would be broken up by minuscule doses of kind behavior, which only served to leave me confused, weak and frozen. Did I deserve such terrible treatment? It sure seemed like I did.

It was only once I did the CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS work to move forward that my life completely TRANSFORMED. Now I repel social predators, have people in my life who are kind and loving, and I am free of toxic bonds that held me back in my life.

Now I truly embody STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE & SELF-ESTEEM. And you can too.

That's why I developed the Flourish Premium Program. Because I didn't want other to suffer needlessly like I did.

Joanne 💕

What You'll Get With The 6-Month

Flourish Premium Program:

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Transformational group zoom calls for live narcissistic abuse recovery coaching, support and q & a with a flourishing community of dedicated people on a journey of self-empowerment, self-confidence and personal mastery.

4 Coaching Calls/Month Valued at $800/month

Community and Support

Community is the cornerstone of FLOURISH.

Support networks are invaluable in the battle to win back the pieces of who we are after this soul-shattering abuse.

You will have access to an incredible community of people in the private Facebook group for you to connect with to increase motivation, build friendships, lean on for support and to gain insight and knowledge from the vast lived experience of both Joanne and other group members.

Private Group Valued At $100/month

Training & Resources

The step by step process with The Flourish Formula to fast-track your way to health, happiness and finally claim the life you were always meant to live.

You will have full access to all of the resources, videos, tools, checklists, audio files,

empowerment activations and so much more in the portal

to make your transformation faster and easier.

Course valued at $500

Total Value: $1400


Your Investment: $125/month

More Happy Clients:



Not Every Coach...

➤ is a LICENSED THERAPIST with over 25 years of experience with survivors of narcissistic abuse.

➤ will have LIVED experience with narcissistic abuse.

➤ is a CERTIFIED COACH who can help catapult you to the next level.

➤ is a UNIVERSITY INSTRUCTOR with the ability to potently pass on my knowledge.

➤ Is a RELATIONAL EXPERT with 25 years of experience as a couple and family therapist.

➤ Is a fellow SURVIVOR of a decades of cruelty, manipulation, narcissism and many other harmful behaviors by others.

This content is not intended to serve as advice, a diagnostic tool, or psychological/ medical services.

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